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Lip Blush Cosmetic Tattooing

I am so excited to be adding to my services - Lip Blush Cosmetic Tattooing.

Who doesn't want to wake up in the morning with naturally enhanced Lips ready to start the day! Just throw on some Spf Lip balm/Gloss and your ready to go!


What is Lip Blush Cosmetic Tattooing?

Lip blushing is semi-permanent, tattooed makeup that tints your lips using a cosmetic tattoo device and pigments. The result is your lips will look a little fuller simply by being defined and enhanced with pigment. Lip blushing will leave you with a soft, shaded-in colour that can enhance your lip symmetry and give you the illusion of bigger, fuller lips.

- For this Semi Permanent makeup service I use a Russian tattooing method and this is very different to the "old school" Permanent makeup that you may have seen in the past. 

The results that are achieved using this method are much more natural looking. Lips look more of a stained appearance rather than a solid block of colour.

How Long will it last?

Colour retention depends on skin type, age, sun exposure, immune system, medication, lifestyle and skincare products - However the colour lasts generally 2-5 years. 

Colour boosts are recommended to prevent natural fading.

How will my lips look straight after a Lip Blush tattoo?

Do I have to do anything to prepare for this treatment?

As with all cosmetic tattooing procedures, pigment application and healed results depend on the quality and condition of your lips. Lips need to be well hydrated before your appointment. Cracked and dry lips will lead to poor pigment retention and patchy healing. - All Clients will be sent a "Client Prep" form which will need to be followed in order to achieve the best results.

How bad does Lip Blushing hurt?

Even though, Yes it's a tattoo on your Lips, topical numbing cream is used throughout the procedure, that'll significantly dull your pain.

- Everyone's pain threshold is different, but in general, the pain of a lip blushing procedure is often described as small pinches or light scratches- nothing unbearable or scary.


The pigment colour fades up to 50% during healing, so you will leave the studio with a lip that looks like you have bright lipstick on. Your lips may also be swollen from the procedure, this will go down, normally within the next 2-24 hours. When your Lip Blush tattoo is first laid it will look bright and warm in colour. When the lips heal the colour will become cooler in the skin, this will happen within the first 3-5 days. True colour will take 6-8 weeks to show true.

EVERYONE will require a 2nd sitting and you must wait for a period of 6-10 weeks between procedures. The colour of your lips will transition lighter during this time.

How do I know what colour to ask for?

For a "your lips but better" look you should (with the guidance of me) be thinking of a colour that is already in your natural lip. This is how you achieve the perfect lip blushing result. Most fair complexion clients will have pink tones to their lips, So using pinks/reds is best. Olive complexion clients will have warmer tones in their lip so using peachy, pinky corals and reddy oranges will suit best.

A true lip blush is created by only tattooing 2 shades different than your existing natural lip colour.

How much bigger can you tattoo the shape of my Lips?

Above image is of Lips freshly done straight after procedure

Your Lips CANNOT be tattooed over it's natural boarder. The skin on your lips and the skin around the lip (facial skin) does not tattoo the same and will heal differently in appearance. If you wish to change the volume or the shape of your lips you will require injectables. 

- Injectables can be done prior to having a Lip Blush procedure, you must wait 21 days after injectables and filler before tattooing. 

How long does a Lip Blush procedure take?

A Lip Blush procedure/ appointment takes between 3-4 hours depending on the condition of your lips and the effect you are wanting.

- This includes time to go through a thorough consulation , numbing and predraw (shape mapped out for you to approve before tattooing starts)

How cosmetic/semi-permanent/permanent is it?

This is still a tattoo where cosmetic pigment is being placed into your skin. Cosmetic/Semi-permanent means it will fade over time, and that if you want to keep your lips looking vibrant, top up appointments will be needed to maintain this look. Cosmetic/Semi-permanent does not mean it will 100% fade away. You may always be left with remnants of pigment under your skin even 10 years from now which is why I use/select colours that enhance/blend in with your natural toning "your lips but better". Cosmetic tattoo pigments are made up of smaller  molecules than traditional tattoo ink which means that they're able to break down naturally in your body over time. Cosmetic tattooing when done correctly is not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional body tattoos so will fade as your skin wears and regenerates. ​Everyone's bodies will process the pigment differently, as well as your lifestyle choices affecting the longevity of the tattoo.

Below HEALED image is of the same lips but was taken at touch-up appointment.
(Photo was taken before touch-up appointment has been done- balance of pigment was then acheived throughout the centre of the lip)
This is why EVERYONE REQUIRES a 2nd sitting (touch-up appointment)


Healed results are a soft shaded- in colour - A Lip Blush/Lip tint

Who Can't have a Lip Blush procedure?

  • Pregnant/Breastfeeding women

  • Anyone currently under the treatment of Chemotherapy or Radiation.

  • Keloid or hypertrophic scarring

  • Active viral infections

  • Taking antibiotics in the last 3 weeks

  • Accutane (Acne medication) used within the last 18 months

  • Rosacea

  • Thyroid issues

  • Servere diabetes

  • Some medications do impact/contraindicate this procedure.

  • If you have EVER had a cold sore you are required to take medication that requires a script from you GP prior to your appointment and after your appointment.

  • At this stage I will only be taking on clients aged 35 and under, until I attend further training, this is so I am able to provide everyone with the best possible treatment. As we age our collagen levels deplete- meaning Lips over the age of 35 are slightly harder to implant pigment into/tattoo hence requiring further advanced training techniques.

Lip Blush Pricing

Everyone will require an initial appointment and then a follow up appointment 6-10 weeks after the first sitting.


Standard pricing:

  • $649.00 for the first sitting

(Includes 1x follow up appointment + Full Aftercare Kit)

  • $149.00 for retouch appointments

-This does not cover change of colour, changing lip colour from the original sitting will be charged at a new sitting rate of $649.00 as a longer appointment time and further work is involved.

I state this as sometimes clients want to start out "natural" but as they get used to their new lips they want to go brighter and bolder.

-Retouch appointments are usually required between 1 - 3 years 

Healing is specific to each client and it’s important to realise that you’ll need a colour boost to maintain the vibrancy of your lip tattoo. ​Your lifestyle choices, age, genetics, and skin type will contribute to the retention of your lip tattoo. If you regularly bite your lips, use lip exfoliator, sunbathe/don't use sun protection, smoke, use anti-aging products (on your lips), your lip tattoo WILL fade faster and you’ll need more regular touch ups.

 Your skin is a living, breathing organ and you will react differently to everyone else.​​

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